The 7 Themes

The Seven Themes - Supreme Reality Art

The seeking of the Self toward experiencing
The Supreme Reality evolves through 7 stages,
each a theme in this art.

Supreme Reality Art reveals these 7 stages of the Self’s journey through life…toward seeking union with
The Supreme Being.

7 is a universal number Creation uses to organize Reality as seen in 7 colors of white light and 7 notes of music; light and sound being most basic to Creation. The 7 themes showing the stages are:

Theme One
Ignorance of Supreme Reality: 
Sub theme .. Bondage & Turmoil of The Mind
Sub theme .. Disillusionment

Theme Two
True Reality of The Self
Sub theme .. Birth of The True Self 
Sub theme .. Finding The Heart 
Sub theme .. True Living

Theme Three
Seeking The Supreme Reality
 - Deeper Mystical Knowing

Theme Four
Seeking The Supreme Being - In love with The Supreme Being

Theme Five
The Call of The Supreme Being - Response of The Supreme Being

Theme Six
Surrender to The Supreme Being - Coming to One Love .. The Supreme Being

Theme Seven
Coming Home to The Supreme Being - Culmination of life .. Spiritual and Material Flowering

Click here to see samples of the 7 Themes.

If Summer was not a seeker of Supreme Reality her unique Art would have remained abstract to her all her life. From Mystical Knowingwe came to knowwhat her Artwork is saying.

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