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The original artworks are priceless and not for sale.

However, we are releasing limited editions of some artworks as many people have shown interest: 10 copies of each of the following 22 Copyrighted Artworks. These framed copies have been reproduced using High-Resolution Digital Images of the originals and signed by the Artist.

These replicas of the original artworks, of the same size, emanate a spiritual vibration of a milder strength. The originals are too intense. An appropriate strength to harmonize the Self with its Reality has been determined based on actual experience while helping people.

These artworks placed in any environment: meditation space, home, or office will: Relax, Calm, Clarify, Free, and Define your Self. If you are a seeker of the Supreme Reality these artworks will clarify and support your process.

What is key is: an artwork has to be suitably selected to connect you with the energy you currently need from the Source of Life.

SeekerArtist  Summer Bhullar & SupremeRealityGuide Birinder is available to advise the selection.

Contact us for advise and to purchase.


Lack of Real Destination

Lack of Real Destination

Beauty and Strength of the Inner

Beauty and Strength of the Inner

Bondage of Ignorant Thoughts

Bondage of Ignorant Thoughts

Conflicts of Love

Centering into the Souls Heart

Centering into the Souls Heart

Supreme Joy

Supreme Joy

Whirling Dervishes

Whirling Dervishes

Peak of vain worldly living - 22.5x30 inches

Peak of vain worldly living

The Supreme Creative Power

The Supreme Creative Power

Living Spiritual Completeness

Living Spiritual Completeness

Pulse of Joy - 13x13 inches

Pulse of Joy

Supreme Love - 16x24 inches

Supreme Love

Sanctuary of Life - 22.5x30 inches

Sanctuary of Life

Shower of Bliss - 22.5x30 inches

Shower of Bliss

The Visions - 22.5x30 inches

The Visions

Paramahansa - 22.5x30 inches


The Cosmic Drama - 12x15.5 inches

The Cosmic Drama

Pure Attentiveness - 22.5x30 inches

Pure Attentiveness

Sublimation of Reason - 12x15.5 inches

Sublimation of Reason

Living for Supreme Purpose - 22.5x30 inches

Living for Supreme Purpose

Guidance through Dreams 23.5x4.5 inches

Guidance through Dreams

Finding the Soul - 23.5x4.5 inches

Finding the Soul

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