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My art arises from love of the Self to feel and know
the Supreme Reality hidden behind life, by creating its beautiful qualities.

This is the ultimate purpose of Art and its true definition, is coherent with the purpose of Creation and life. There is no difference between the process of evolution and Art. Nature is the Art of The Supreme Being in Creation. It is the process of evolution at its best. Both evolution and Art constantly excel the existing Reality. Human love and Art do it by exceling imagination, expression, experience, freedom, and knowing. Only love can cause such a creative process toward beauty. And only beauty such a process creates.

Art arises from love. Love is the cause of Art. Don’t you want to feel and know a thing more that you love? How will you without bringing it into being and constantly excelling it? Such a process is art.

Art is an inspired process. How else will the Self create what it doesn’t know? It cannot be motivated by any worldly pursuit. It can only be felt and cannot be understood by intellect. Learning skills of art should not be misunderstood as learning Art. A skill is only an instrument of expression. The subject and the expression of Art are inspired.

Art is original. What it creates did not exist before. It is never a copy or modification of anything already there.

True living is an Art. Human expression when true and spontaneous is Art. As awareness of the Self about The Supreme Reality grows, expression becomes a finer Art. The most exalted expression in Art begins naturally flowing when the Self becomes fully conscious of The Supreme Reality.

The essential attributes of Art areArt is love for The Supreme Reality, is conscious, is spontaneous, is original, is unique, excels, inspires, has beauty of content and form, has a natural purpose, has a meaning, grows knowing, and is not motivated.

Review of the Canons of Art...

In the History of Art even many great artists were not clear what they were expressing. Why else did they become depressed in spite of fine creative expression, and some even ended their lives?  Clarity about your expression is essential. - SupremeRealityArtist Summer Bhullar & SupremeRealityGuide Birinder Summer on FacebookSummer on TwitterSummer on InstagramSummer on Etsy

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