“Summer Bhullar is an original artist who comes to art quite naturally. Her work moves through space effortlessly while creating the energy released by the movement of her actions. Summer has a rhythm of color that is uniquely hers. I have seen no other artist that has created artworks such as hers. Her artworks strive to seek the ultimate reality of life, a mature goal for a young artist.

“Summer Bhullar calls her work “Supreme Reality Art” which is a new genre she has uniquely created. I agree with this new category and will add it to my vocabulary.

“Summer is an artist committed to finding the truth in her work. I am certain she will continue on her creative and Spiritual path and develop her unique style positively influencing other artists to seek their own paths in life. She is an original.”

Barbara Nessim
American Artist, Illustrator, and educator

“Bhullar offers us an alternative art reality that is in keeping with modern art but significantly transforms its influences into a unique combination of effects that exploits the epic paradigms of contemporary painting.

“Her art, mystically expressive to the core, redefines spiritual longing.

"The artist is uniquely placed to contribute in a permanent manner to the contemporary art world in America; she is unique in the intensity and intelligence of her vision, which address the cosmic in no uncertain terms."

Jonathan Goodman
Art Critic and Professor, Pratt Institute, New York

“Summer is widely recognized in the international artist community as one of the top young talents in the visual arts from India.

“Summer has a very unique style that can’t be categorized, it’s her own personal way of seeing and expressing her life experiences through paint and canvas. It is open to interpretations that are unique to each individual and can evolve over time.”

Billy Becerra
Staff Artist, Metro, New York

“I am extremely pleased to have encountered Summer Bhullar’s work as I believe it to be of great quality. It deals with both natural and artificial structures, and reflects a depth and range of experience quite remarkable in a young person.

“Ms. Bhullar can produce paintings that blend figurative, non-representational, and even typographic elements, demonstrate a flexibility and fluency that only the very best artists possess.”

Maurizio Pellegrin
Creative Director, National Academy Museum and School, New York City


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