Supreme Reality Art
What is Supreme Reality Art?
Supreme Reality Art is my unique genre of art. Art for me love to feel and know what I love, by creating and experiencing its beautiful qualities... up to the Supreme Reality, hidden behind life 
A new genre of art
Current canons of art history did not fulfill all that art is to me
I want and am working to begin a Modern and Contemporary art movement that makes individual art more meaningful for every artist and answers their self-purpose in life.  I want every artist's pursuit through art to become aware, have more creative freedom, and have their essential virtues, like my art has mine. SupremeRealityArtist Summer Roshni Bhullar & ParamShah Birinder Roshni BhullarSupreme Reality Art fulfills all the qualities of Art...
The 7 themes in Supreme Reality Art are 7 stages in Spiritual Evolution on my path
I am seeking toward experiencing the Supreme Reality, which evolves through the 7 stages, each a theme in my art. 
Supreme Reality Art---The Ultimate Art Genre--- a conscious expression through Art toward Ultimate Beauty and Ultimate Meaning in life. - SupremeRealityArtist Summer Bhullar & SupremeRealityGuide Birinder Summer on FacebookSummer on TwitterSummer on InstagramSummer on Etsy