Supreme Reality Art
What is Supreme Reality Art?
Supreme Reality Art is a genre of art that takes the view that...Art arises from love of the Self to feel and know The Supreme Reality hidden behind life, by creating its beautiful qualities.

A new genre of art

Do the current canons of art history fulfill all that can be said?

No, they do not. Modern and Contemporary art movements in their unaware pursuit for more creative freedom lost the true purpose of life and art and their essential virtues.

SupremeRealityArtist Summer & SupremeRealityGuide Birinder Bhullar
Supreme Reality Art---The Ultimate Art Genre--- a conscious  expression through Art toward Ultimate Beauty and Ultimate Meaning in life. - SupremeRealityArtist Summer Bhullar & SupremeRealityGuide Birinder Summer on Facebook    Summer on Twitter    Summer on Instagram